Creative Award Ideas for Texas A&M’s Student Organizations on Family Weekend

award ideas for Texas A&M's student organizations

Family Weekend at Texas A&M is Friday, April 13-Sunday, April 15! This means it is time for the student organization award ceremonies! The purpose of Texas A&M University’s student organization awards is to recognize the outstanding leadership and achievements of student organizations, students and advisors. However, we know creative award titles can sometimes be difficult. Therefore, we have put together a few award ideas for Texas A&M University’s student organizations on Family Weekend.

Creative Award Ideas for Texas A&M’s Student Organizations

Unsung Champion Award

The Unsung Champion Award is one of many award ideas for Texas A&M’s student organizations on Family Weekend. This award is great for students who are involved in a variety of activities but don’t necessarily hold formal leadership positions.

Additionally, the Unsung Champion award recognizes an individual who rarely receives recognition for his or her work “behind the scenes.”

Rising Star Award

Another one of many great award ideas for Texas A&M’s student organizations is the Rising Star Award. The Rising Star Award is ideal for a first-year member, who may not necessarily be a freshman.

Additionally, this award is for someone who makes great contributions to the student organization.

Unparalleled Dedication Award

The Unparalleled Dedication Award is a prestigious award recognizing an outstanding member within your student organization for all of his or her individual hard work.

This award is also great for recognizing a student that, through their achievement, make a valuable contribution and lasting impact on campus and/or surrounding community.

Commitment to Justice Award

Commitment to Justice is another award idea for Texas A&M’s student organizations. This award is ideal for a student who demonstrates a commitment to justice. Also, this student may be an activist, trying to create positive change for the campus, the Aggie community and/or the world.

In addition, the recipient of this award typically has a strong leadership, passion and dedication to a particular issue or collection of issues.

Spirit of Service Award

The Spirit of Service Award honors a student who participates in community service. They do this with vigor, devotion and an unshakable positive attitude.

Also, the Spirit of Service Award is great for a student who services with an inspirational and infectious optimism. The student leads the way for others through their actions and involvement.


These are just a few creative award ideas for Texas A&M’s student organizations on Family Weekend. Awards & More offers the ultimate customization for your student organization awards. Contact us with the link below for more information or to start shopping today!

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