Benefits of Customized Crystal Awards for Student Organization Awards

benefits of customized crystal awards

Family Weekend at Texas A&M is Friday, April 12-Sunday, April 14! Awards & More can customize your awards specific to your needs to ensure the perfect student organization award ceremony. Crystal awards are a great way to recognize outstanding students involved in student organizations. Therefore, we have put together a few of the many benefits of customized crystal awards for student organization awards.

Benefits of Customized Crystal Awards

Crystal is a type of glass, but it is actually more valuable than typical glass or metal awards.

In addition, crystal glass possesses a larger amount of lead, and crystal pieces are typically cut in a specific way to create a beautiful gleam and light refractions.

Versatile and Attractive

In addition to the beauty that this type of award offers, you can do quite a few things in designing your crystal awards for student organization awards. These methods include such as the following:

  • engraving
  • sandblasting
  • etching
  • printing

At Awards & More, you have several options you can work with in executing the design you want for your crystal awards. We have crystal blocks available in numerous different shapes, which can be tailor-fit to your design needs. While other types of awards have their own set of options for design, crystal is more versatile and attractive.

More Affordable

Crystal awards typically offer the lowest overall cost when comparing to other materials.

Therefore, if you are on a budget for your student organization awards, crystal is a great option for elegant awards at a low price.

Timeless and Classy

We manufacture our crystal awards using only the clearest optical crystal and jade crystal. Natural light can magnify the magnificence of a crystal award as it reflects light in a way other materials cannot. Crystal awards containing a high lead content are notably dazzling.

Conversely, lead-free optical crystal provides magnificent refraction and can make brilliantly-colored rainbows when it is hit by the light. Crystal awards are indeed a sight to behold.

Space for Engraving

With crystal plaques and awards, you have more space where you can have messages engraved.

This type of award becomes the ideal choice for honoring students, as you don’t have to limit the sentiments you want to express by the material you work with.


These are just a few of the many benefits of customized crystal awards for student organization awards. Contact us here at Awards and More for more information or to order your customized crystal awards today!

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