Benefits of Customized Plaques for Student Organization Awards

Benefits of Customized Plaques

Family Weekend at Texas A&M is Friday, April 12-Sunday, April 14! Awards & More can customize your awards specific to your needs to ensure the perfect student organization award ceremony. Plaques are a great way to recognize outstanding students involved in student organizations. Therefore, we have put together a few of the many benefits of customized plaques for student organization awards.

Benefits of Customized Plaques

Promotes Team Culture

Customized plaque awards that incorporate peer-to-peer recommendations are great for team spirit. This is because they encourage students to see the positive attributes in one another. Teams are in a great place to do this, as they work alongside each other every day.

Additionally, allowing students to nominate one another for plaque awards in empowering, as it demonstrates that they value each other’s opinion.

Pertinent to the Values and Goals of the Organization

Students have unique insight into their teammates’ accomplishments and know which small victories led to big ones. They have more intimate knowledge of the following:

  • initiatives their peers are working on
  • impact they are making
  • inherent difficulties of the challenges they are overcoming

The pertinence to the goals and values of the student organization and the recipient also contributes meaningfully to the overall impact of peer recognition through plaque awards.

Makes Students Feel Truly Valued and Appreciated

Here at Awards and More we can customize your plaque in any way you desire. The following are just a few things we can engrave on to the plaque:

  • student names
  • student organization names
  • achievements
  • honors
  • logos
  • and more!

Not only is this a great way of making the plaque unique and special to that particular occasion, but it also makes the recipient feel truly valued and appreciated.


These are just a few of the many benefits of customized plaques for student organization awards. Contact us here at Awards and More for more information or to order your customized plaques today!

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