Benefits of Promotional Products for Trade Shows

benefits of promotional products for trade shows

Investing in promotional products for trade shows is a wise decision for any business owner, whether they prefer distributing personalized water bottles or handing out pens engraved with a company’s logo. Not only can these products provide exposure for your business among its pre-existing consumer base, but they can also spread awareness to customer groups that have never heard of your company. We have put together a few of the many benefits of promotional products for trade shows.

Benefits of Promotional Products for Trade Shows

Increase Booth Traffic

Companies that display promotional giveaways at their booth have significantly higher traffic than companies that did not utilize giveaways.

Keep in mind, trade shows involve competing with dozens of other companies to generate leads. Attracting prospects to your booth is the first step of making a sale. Therefore, it is essential to get peoples’ attention with high-quality promotional products.

Long-Lasting Products = Greater Exposure

Products that consumers perceive to have greater value last much longer. As more customer and prospects keep these products, businesses are ensuring their advertisements are seen over and over again.

This is the case even if the item merely sits on a desk or along the dash of a car. Each time the consumer or friends of the consumer see the logo, they will be left with a lasting impression of the brand.

Improve Your Brand’s Image

In a crowded expo of booths and attendees, it is necessary for your brand to have all of the favorable impressions you can get. Trade show attendees that receive a giveaway tend to have a more favorable attitude toward the company that gave them the promotional product.

Therefore, using promotional products for trade shows positions your brand positively in the eyes of prospects. Also, it makes it more likely for them to consider your products or services.

Consumers Pass Along Items They Don’t Use

Not all consumers keep the products you give them. However, a substantial number passes products on to other individuals.

Therefore, the product has already doubled its exposure. This can lead to more business for your company. Passing along items may also allow the item to spread to a new demographic of individuals not initially targeted by the brand.

For instance, if a college student receives an item from a career fair — where the company was likely targeting younger individuals — and gives it to his or her parent. The brand has effectively extended its reach into two complete separate groups, both of which are likely to remember the business moving forward.


These are just a few of the many benefits of promotional products for trade shows. Here at Awards and More we can customize your promotional products with company logos, personalized messages, images and more! Contact us with the link below to get started on your next trade show promotional product!

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