Customized Awards for Student Organizations at Texas A&M University

Customized Awards for Student Organizations

Family Weekend at Texas A&M is Friday, April 13-Sunday, April 15! Awards & More can customize your awards specific to your needs to ensure the perfect student organization award ceremony. Here are just a few customized awards for student organizations at Texas A&M University that we can do.

Customized Awards for Student Organizations

Acrylic Awards

Acrylic awards are one of many customized awards for student organizations at Texas A&M that we can do. These awards are an excellent way to recognize a student organization member for excellent leadership, dedication and passion.

Our customized acrylic awards are shatter resistant. They provide many of the same characteristics as glass and crystal awards at a fraction of the cost. In addition, we provide a very large selection of the best acrylic awards available today. We add new acrylic award products each month as well. We also have a variety of custom styles and colors to choose from with acrylic awards.

Wooden Awards

Another great example of customized awards for student organizations that we can do is our wooden awards. These awards are a unique way to recognize student organization members at Texas A&M.

Our wooden awards and trophy collection consists of wood material with visible fine grains. In addition, wooden awards are often adorn with castings or metal accents. Therefore, this will ensure your student organization award ceremony is a success.

Stone Awards

When looking for customized awards for student organizations at Texas A&M, stone awards are another great option. Stone awards from Awards & More offer a unique way to present special awards such as the “Rising Star” award with our star stone award options.

Our stone awards offer an elegant combination of stone looking composite material with acrylic and other materials. In addition, these awards have an elegance of their own with both design and aesthetics. Some have stars, while some have eagles and some have artistic designs. Therefore, this makes the perfect customized award for student organizations.

Crystal Awards

Crystal awards for student organizations are another great option. We offer a variety of designs with our crystal awards to ensure the perfect award for your student organization ceremony.

Our crystal awards boast elegant and rich crystal designs. Also, these awards capture light in reflections creating prismatic displays of bent light. Varying levels of lead content specially incorporated to bring out the best in each crystal award presentation. In addition, we laser engrave or sand blast each of our crystal awards to ensure the utmost detail in the engraving artwork.

Contact us with the link below for more information on our customized awards for student organizations at Texas A&M University, or start shopping today!

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