Tips for Effective Power Bank Use

effective power bank use

Having no way to charge your phone battery when it is dying is never fun. You never want to be without a phone or device in case of emergency. This is where power banks can be very useful. However, you may be wondering how to increase efficiency with power bank use. Therefore, we have put together a few tips on effective power bank use.

Effective Power Bank Use

Charge Your Power Bank Before Using it for the First Time

Manufacturers always recommend giving a new power bank a full charge before use. While the internal circuits will cut out the excess charge, it is always wise to get it into a proper state before starting to use it.

Ideally, we recommend charging your power bank overnight to allow for a fully maximized charge.

Avoid Using Your Power Bank in Extreme Temperatures

Many have experienced their laptop’s system crashing when it gets too hot. This also applies to power banks.

You can ensure your power bank lasts a long time by never using it under extremely hot or cold temperature. Very high and low temperatures can result in damage to the device, shortening its lifespan.

Use Your Power Bank in Well-Ventilated Areas

Many are guilty of charging their phone with their power bank inside their bag. If you one of these people, try to put an end to this practice.

Using your power bank to charge devices while they are inside a bag prevents the heat from both devices from dispersing properly. As a result, the accumulation of heat can potentially damage not only your power bank but also your smart phone.

Only Use Your Power Bank with Compatible Devices

If you read any power bank review, you won’t find anything about the use of power banks to charge devices it was not designed for. A standard power bank typically offers 5 volts and use 1A or 2A current.

Generally, 1A output port is common for charging smart phones. However, some would use the 2A output port to speed up the charging process. While this works, it might damage your power bank and your smart phone.

Don’t Wait Until Your Power Bank Dies Before You Recharge It

It’s a common misconception that you must completely drain your power bank before you can recharge it. However, the truth is that this can damage your power bank, particularly if it has lithium battery.

When the voltage of your power bank drops below 2.4 volts, carbonization will occur. Over time, this will cut the lifespan of your device short. Therefore, we advise recharging your power bank when it still has at least 20% power.

Know What You Buy

Not every power bank is created equal. While some are capable of charging a phone once or twice, others are capable of charging multiple times. Some power banks are much bigger and heavier than others. However, other power banks are much more portable.

Additionally, the type of battery can also differ in power banks. Some types of batteries are cheaper but offer a limited capacity.

These are just a few tips for effective power bank use. Awards & More has a variety of power banks to choose from in which you can customize with logos, colors, text and more. Our most popular is the Chicago QuickShip Executive Power Bank. Also, we have a Stylish Aluminum Slim Power Bank that is UL certified high capacity. Contact us with the link below for more information or start shopping our power bank collection today!

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