How to Plan for a Family Reunion to Ensure it is Unforgettable

how to plan for a family reunion

Summer is always a great time for a family reunion, whether you live pretty close to one another, or you are spread out throughout the country. Family reunions are a wonderful way to catch up, make memories and take pictures of everybody together. However, it is a pretty big undertaking. Therefore, knowing how to plan for a family reunion can help things run much more smoothly.

How to Plan for a Family Reunion

Save the Date

While it’s difficult to accommodate everyone’s personal schedules, setting a date well in advance will help ensure the maximum number attendees. If you want your family reunion to be an annual event, consider scheduling it on the same date every year. This way family members can organize their yearly calendars around it.

Setting your date early allows you to also be sure to take advantage of early booking discounts for your preferred hotel, camp site or venue.

Designate Tasks

When only one or two people are in charge of everything, their enjoyment of the event is probably not going to be quite as much as those who get to show up and enjoy the party.

Make sure you share the party planning duties among everyone. People can sign up to bring dishes, drinks, provide the event space, bring games, and so on. Therefore, everybody contributes and everybody can let loose and have a fun time!

Choose a Fun Theme

Having a theme for your family reunion helps to build interest and excitement around your event.

A theme can also make the planning more fun. This allows you to incorporate it throughout your food, activities, games, invitations and custom clothing.

Celebrate Your Family History

A family reunion is a great opportunity to reminisce about the past and pass down family stories to younger generations. The following are a few other ways to celebrate your family’s history:

  • play family trivia games
  • create a photo album with old photos and family memorabilia
  • create a blank family tree and have each family member fill out their information

Make Memories

Make sure to take tons of pictures and videos at your family reunion so you can all remember the fun you have together.

Select someone to be in charge of making sure photos and videos are collected and shared with everyone either through a website or email group.

Order Custom T-Shirts

Part of the fun of getting everybody together is seeing how the kids grow from year to year, new additions to the family, and taking pictures of the event.

Order custom T-shirts from Awards & More that everyone can wear to the reunion with the family name, a graphic and the year printed on them. The sky is the limit as far as the design goes, so make it unique and have fun with it! If you have trouble coming up with a design, check out some ideas we have put together here!

These are just a few tips on how to plan for a family reunion. We can customize t-shirts with a variety of designs, no matter how complex or simple they may be! We can do images, fonts, colors and more! Simply provide us with the design you have in mind or we can assist you in creating one we know you love! Contact us with the link below for more information or start shopping today!

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