How to Use Social Media for Your Trade Show

How to Use Social Media for Your Trade Show

Marketing your business in the digital age can seem like a scary task for many entrepreneurs. Therefore, we will discuss how to use social media for your trade show.

How to Use Social Media for Your Trade Show

Social Media Marketing Before the Trade Show

Consider where your customers hang out in real life. Do you offer transcription or translation services? Your ideal customer is most likely a professional in the medical, legal or education field. Therefore, make sure to focus on creating a strong LinkedIn presence. Conversely, if you are a performance or digital artist, a platform specifically for sharing pictures and videos such as Instagram or Facebook makes much more sense.

However, no matter which platform you choose, keep in mind that your job as a business owner is to utilize your online platform to provide real values for your customers, in real life.

Invest in Social Media Marketing Where it Counts

You’ve most likely already invested heavily in the exhibitor’s fee for the trade show, business cards, brochures and promotional items, and a high-quality trade show display for the actual event. Fortunately, you can effectively use some of these online to help attract potential customers for your brand. Simply choose short quotes from your website or brochure that communicate the things that matter most to your brand. Put them in a bold, complimentary color against a clean, white background and you have an easy, sophisticated looking social media post that helps customers get to know you.

Similar to the majority of business-related tasks, your biggest investment in effective social media marketing will be your time. Set aside time on a weekly basis to create and schedule regular social media posts for your chosen platform for at least six weeks leading up to your event.

Use Event Organizers Established Hashtags

The trade show you are attending is most likely actively seeking vendors like you online. Therefore, the trade show is advertising utilizing established social media hashtags. Trade shows and expos have professional marketers creating their posts. So, simply copy the hashtags the event organizers are using to promote it.

Using the same hashtags as event organizers also increases the chance that you will gain brand exposure through cross-promotion. Event organizers search for high-resolution images they can re-post on their own social media pages. You can stand out from the crowd by showcasing the trade show display you already invested in online.

During the Show

Posting live testimonies during the trade show from satisfied customers or real-time reactions to samples can be an effective marketing tool for those curious about your brand.

Designate a person or persons to post online on your business’s behalf during the trade show. This way you can focus on making real-life connections with the potential customers right in front of you.

After the Show

After the event, it is essential to follow up as a business owner. A good rule of thumb for follow up in the digital age is ‘the sooner the better’. There are numerous apps and autoresponders available that allow you to send a standard message to anyone who follows or interacts with your brand online.

Alternatively, you can send a short and sweet “Thanks for checking us out at (event name here)!” along with your contact information after the event.

These are just a few ways on how to use social media for your trade show. Our team at Awards & More can help you with all your trade show promotional item needs. Contact us with the link below to start on your promotional products today!

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