Ideas for End of the Year Awards for Salesmen

Ideas for End of the Year Awards for Salesmen

It’s that time again! The end of the year is coming and it’s time to start prepare for those much deserved awards for your sales representatives. The sales representatives in your company are the “rain makers” in the organization. Therefore, they cultivate new opportunities and build on existing relationships. End of the year awards for salesmen can be given for a variety of reasons. We will discuss award ideas for end of the year awards for salesmen.

Ideas for End of the Year Awards for Salesmen

Two of our most popular products for end of the year award ceremonies are acrylics and plaques.

We will discuss the benefits of each of these for end of the year awards ceremonies.

Benefits of Acrylics for End of the Year Awards

End of the year awards provide appreciation to the employees who have put forth more effort to achieve the goal given to them. In addition, the awards encourage them to put better effort even in the future.

While there are many different award options, acrylic awards provide many benefits.

Extremely Durable

Acrylic awards are much more durable in comparison to many other types of awards.

Other awards can be more fragile and may break easily. However, acrylic is thermoplastic, making it more durable.

Resistant to Damage

Our team at Awards & More designs acrylic awards so that they are resistant to shatter, sunlight, rain, etc.

In addition, acrylics resist elements such as pollutants, rain, snow and more. This resistance also makes acrylics highly durable.


When giving awards during your ceremony, a personal touch always goes a long way.

Awards & More can even customize acrylics with company logos, name of the recipient and the type of award they are being honored for.


When giving an acrylic award, the recipient will feel the elegance of the award to a greater extent.

These awards are crystal clear, so they tend to exhibit a unique and attractive appearance. Therefore, those receiving the award can have a greater satisfaction that they are receiving the best momentum for the effort initiated in their career.

Benefits of Plaques for End of the Year Awards

In addition to acrylics, plaques offer many benefits for end of the year awards as well.


Awards and More we can customize your plaque in any way you desire.

We can personalize the plaque by engraving names, achievements, honors, logos and more!

Material Options

We can make plaque awards using metal, wood, glass or plastic depending on the purpose for the plaque.

In addition, you can add special effects to the plaque to enhance the appearance. This can give a true impression of quality and craftsmanship, making the occasion even more memorable for the recipient.

Functional Use

Awards and More can create plaques that have functional use.

For example, we can mount an award clock on to a plaque, which can be placed in your work station and serve as a gift to remember, as well as a clock to check time.


These are just a few ideas for end of the year awards for salesmen. Contact us with the link below for more information or to start shopping today!

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