Importance of Awards in Organizations


Do most people just dig around and find an old indie movie that will just usually lead to disappointment? No, of course not. Most attention that films garner are from the actors and actresses they hire, some more than likely have awards for their achievements in the film industry. Awards give recognition to the achievements some people acquire in their lifetime. Every day in sports leagues, churches and non-profit organizations spectacular goals, records, accomplishments and achievements are being reached. What better way to reward this achievements than with an award, medal, plaque or trophy? Nothing makes hard work feel more well-earned than a sense of acknowledgement from your peers. The importance of awards within organizations is great because it encourages members to keep going above and beyond.

Awards in the Organization

When it comes to awards given for organizations, it may seem unnecessary or unimportant. This is not the case though. Awards let your employees, team members and volunteers that their work is valuable and important to the overall performance of the organization.

Sports Leagues

Kids love receiving trophies because it shows that their hard work and team effort was acknowledge. Taking it one step above the common “participation trophy” would be to have medals or plaques made for the team with individual accomplishments achieved by each team member. Award categories like MVP for the utility player who went above in beyond in the field and behind the plate to make sure he or she could lead their team to a win; or the “Good Sportsmanship Award” for the individual who always plays with integrity and value; or even a “Big Bat” or “Greatest Catch” for those with the most hits or outstanding catches. These types of awards a great for those looking for more than just the average participation awards. These awards will give the kids a sense of accomplishment for their efforts.


Awards in churches are equally as important. There are many people within a church that make the church and give it the valuable reputation that it has. Whether its an award for missionary work or for administrative and design tasks done within the church for bulletins, newsletters, PowerPoints, financial, etc., this is a great way to let your employees and members feel acknowledged and important.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organization awards are also great. Awards for excellence, teamwork, hard work, new goals and records achieved, etc. are a great and easy way to let your members know their work is valued and important to the organization as a whole.

We Are Here to Help

Therefore, sports leagues, churches and non-profit organizations should not be overlooked or forgotten. We offer everything from customized trophies to plaques and medals for to best fit the needs of you and your organization. Discovering appropriate awards for your organization can be difficult, but Awards and More Incorporated can aid you in your process. Contact Awards & More to help plan your next organization award ceremony.

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  1. I love the idea of having some sort of awards program for employees. I remember getting little trophies as a kid in recreational sports leagues and things like that, and even if they were plastic things that were’t actually important, they made me feel important, if only just for a little bit. If employees feel motivated, it can’t be a bad thing, right?

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