Mistakes to Avoid When Hosting a Corporate Awards Ceremony


A corporate awards ceremony offers a great platform to give trophies and awards to exemplary employees to show recognition and appreciation for all their hard work. However, there’s a few all-too-common mistakes you’ll want to avoid when hosting an awards ceremony.

Mistake #1: Not Testing Equipment Beforehand

It is important to take a moment before the ceremony begins to test the microphone, speakers, lighting and other equipment. Make sure everything is working properly and there’s no major issues with the equipment. Nothing is more frustrating, for you and your guests, than having to stop the ceremony so you can troubleshoot technical problems.

Mistake #2: Dragging the Ceremony Out

Most probably don’t want to sit through a long, drawn-out ceremony. Some people may get up and leave throughout the evening if it’s taking too long. To avoid this from happening, keep your corporate awards ceremony short and focus on the awards.

Mistake #3: Not Pronouncing Names Correctly

Another mistake that you will want to avoid when hosting a corporate awards ceremony is pronouncing the recipients’ names incorrectly. Be sure to go through the list of award recipients before the ceremony begins to avoid this from happening. If you’re unfamiliar with the correct pronunciation of an employee’s name, ask someone for assistance.

Mistake #4: Using Generic Awards

If you really want to host a meaningful and professional awards ceremony, using generic awards should be avoided. Instead, try handing out personalized awards, such as personalized plaques or trophies with engravings. This will have a stronger effect on your employees and give them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

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Mistake #5: Lack of Planning

Not planning thoroughly can really turn a corporate awards ceremony into a disaster. If you are planning to host the ceremony, write a speech beforehand to avoid feeling unprepared. Also, have a list of all the award recipients in the appropriate order to avoid calling out the wrong name. You don’t have to necessarily read straight from your speech, but it is a good reference to have nearby in case lose focus. This alone can make a huge difference when hosting a corporate awards ceremony to achieve success.


These are just a few mistakes to avoid when planning your next corporate awards ceremony. Always do your research and plan ahead. Contact Awards & More today with the link below to get your corporate awards ceremony started off right to success.

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