Back to School: Name Badges for Teachers in the Classroom

name badges for teachers

School has just started back up! Employees across the retail and office spectrum sport name tags to ease interaction, but now the trend is catching on in schools. We have put together a few of our top name badges for teachers in the classroom.

Name Badges for Teachers

Making name badges a part of the daily routine makes the day easier on your students. It can be most helpful in classroom with students that struggle with memory or verbal skills, but even graduate students can benefit from a quick reminder of the person they are addressing.

Reusable Name Badges

name badges for teachers - reusable name badges

Our reusable name badges come with a full color imprint on credit-card thick white plastic. This badge is a perfect option for those teachers desire a consistent image.

The badge comes standard with a plastic pinback attachment is laminated on both sides. This allows for ease in writing and removing names using a damp wipe marker, dry erase marker or adhesive labels.

Visitor Name Badges

name badges for teachers - visitor name badges

Do you have frequent visitors to your classroom? We have school badges that expire through an adhesive timing cover to the front of the badge, which makes the color change in half a day (4 hours) or one day (8 hours). Therefore, the badge is not reusable.

No need to worry about unauthorized reuse of uncollected badges. We design our visitor name badges specifically for schools.

Desk Wedges

name badges for teachers - desk wedges

Let your students and visitors know who you are the moment they walk in the door with our desk wedges. These create a feeling of professionalism and quality, while also allowing teachers to make their presence known.

Our team at Awards & More can customize desk wedges by adding your name, title or a shot message using laser engraving.


These are just a few our mane name badges for teachers in the classroom. Contact us with the link below for more information or to start shopping today!

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