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We recently got a new printer great for all of your customized products needs! Contact us today to order customized wood signs, photos, Christmas ornaments, personalized gifts, and more!

Customized Products for All Your Needs

We just got a new Mimaki UJF-6042 UV-LED Curable Flated Inkjet printer! This printer allows us to print high quality customized content on a variety of products.

Wood Signs

customized products - wood signs

Customized wood signs have a variety of uses, one of the common being for branding businesses. Branding your business or building with distinctive signage will make it stand  out and encourage people to learn more. Not only do wood signs have a natural appeal, they offer versatility and distinctive visibility. It may seem like a country store or barbecue restaurant would be the natural place for a wooden sign. However, these products have a wide range of applications across corporations.

Our new printer allows our team at Awards & More to customize your wood sign to display your brand name, logo, slogan and more in a warm, inviting manner.


customized products - photos

Are you looking for a way to put that special memory into a keepsake for years to come? We can print photos onto a variety of canvases to ensure you and your loved ones have a unique item personalized just for you.

Awards & More can customize products with your photos using our new printer to ensure quality, detail and personalized touch, no matter the canvas your choose.

Christmas Ornaments

customized products - Christmas ornaments

Bring love and life to your loved one’s Christmas tree this year with a gorgeous personalized Christmas ornament! The recipient will notice the time and effort you put into selecting an ornament and personalizing it just for them.

In addition, your loved one will be able to hang up this special ornament on the Christmas tree and remember this shared memory for years to come. Awards & More can customize Christmas ornaments with names, dates, graphics, pictures and more!

Personalized Gifts

customized products - personalized gifts

Personalized gifts make the best gifts because it’s a guarantee that the recipient will appreciate it no matter who they are. These kinds of gifts tend to show that you care for your recipient and find them special in a big way.

Personalizing a gift allows you the opportunity to be unique and connect with the recipient on a personal level. Finding the perfect gift and customizing it with something thoughtful is a great way to show you really do care and put some effort into it.

Awards and Mores can customize your gifts with personalized messages, engravings, pictures and memoirs! We can also customize all aspects of the gift, with color, designs and text.


These are just a few ways we can customize your products. Contact us with the link below for more information or order your customized products today!

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