Promotional Products for Summer Fun Activities

promotional products for summer fun

Summer is here! Many companies are scrambling to find the best summer promotional products that will make a lasting impression on their customers. Selecting items that are appropriate for the season, yet serve a meaningful use is essential. Therefore, we have put together a few of the top promotional products for summer fun activities.

Promotional Products for Summer Fun

Beach Balls

beach balls - promotional products for summer fun

Summer time means trips to the pool and beach for many. Beach balls make a great summer promotional product because of their versatility. People often take beach balls along with them to the pool or beach, which make them beneficial for creating brand awareness. Therefore, not only will you build awareness with the recipient, but everyone at the beach will also see your name on the ball.

Awards & More can customize beach balls with a variety of colors, logos, text and graphics. This way you can match and promote your brand effectively.


sunglasses - promotional products for summer fun

Summer is the time to catch some rays, which means protecting your eyes from the sun. This makes sunglasses a great summer promotional item. Not only are sunglasses handy, but they are a fashionable and budget friendly promotional product.

Our team can customize sunglasses to place your brand and message on the most strategic spots you can find. Not many custom gifts can boast such a high visibility. Whether you put your brand on the arm or lens, it is sure to receive a lot of attention.

Folding Chairs

folding chairs - promotional products for summer fun

Folding lawn chairs are a great way to get your message out this summer, as everyone uses these chairs to relax outside and enjoy the sun rays. Therefore, giving away folding chairs as a promotional product during the summer can help maximize exposure of your brand.

Custom folding chairs are available in a wide variety of styles and colors so you are sure to find one to match your marketing and branding scheme.


frisbees - promotional products for summer fun

Frisbees are another one of many great promotional products for summer fun. They are low in cost, have a lot of imprint space and are loved by everyone irrespective of age or gender bias. Light weight and colorful, frisbees are eye catching and easy to distribute. Whether on the beach or at the community park, frisbees are sure to bring in a lot of attention to your brand.

Also, frisbees offer a lot of creative scope. We can customize frisbees with colors, logos, text and graphics to ensure your brand promotion is effective.

Pet Bandanas

pet bandanas - promotional products for summer fun

Bringing your dog along for summer activities is common for many pet owners. This offers a wealth of opportunities for any passer-by to notice a pet bandana that your pet is wearing. In addition, you can boost your reputation as a business who loves pets.

Using pet bandanas as promotional products will remind the recipients of you whenever they spend time with their furry family members. Our team at Awards & More can customize pet bandanas with logos, text, graphics and more.

Cooler and Tote Bags

cooler bags - promotional products for summer fun

Often times when people attend summer festivities, they will pack a bag of food, beach toys or other useful items. Cooler and tote bags make great summer promotional products as they are reusuable and allow you to build relationships across a larger network.

Cooler and tote bags also offer a large imprint space for you to advertise your logo, brand colors, text and graphics.


These are just a few of the many promotional products for summer fun activities. Don’t hesitate to contact us with the link below for more information or to start shopping today!

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