Benefits of Using Reusable Water Bottles for Promotional Products

reusable water bottles for promotional products

Many businesses invest a portion of their limited marketing budgets in promotional items at trade shows. Branded giveaways offer an increase in brand exposure, gain favor from potential customers and achieve immediate and ongoing promotional benefits. Specifically, reusable water bottles are a great specialty item because they accomplish many objectives. Here are just a few of the many benefits of using reusable water bottles for promotional products.

Reusable Water Bottles for Promotional Products

Usefulness and Positive Experience

The best promotional products are useful to the people who receive them. The increase of public awareness about the importance of drinking water has resulted in consumers investing $5 to $20 for quality reusable water bottles. Therefore, investing in promotional items at a lower rate per bottle gives you an affordable communication vehicle that prospects use.

Each time a recipient refills the reusable water bottle, he or she gains an additional brand impression. When the recipient drinks at work, a party or the gym, your message has viral implications as others see the branded bottle.

Positive Sentiment

You accomplish positive brand sentiment in a couple of ways. The first way is that the usefulness of the product makes the recipient happy. Therefore, you enhance the feeling with a quality, durable material and a neat design.

In addition, consumers appreciate getting a free product that eliminates the need to make a purchase.

Promote Your Green

Any promotional item that has an association with the “green” movement adds to the value of your investment. Therefore, recyclable water bottles for promotional products are great, as they allow users to avoid purchasing hundreds of plastic bottles which will fill out landfills.

Additionally, you can utilize space on the bottle, next to your name and logo, to promote your green impact. Therefore, using a simple statement about your concern for the environment or what your business does to help will suffice.


These are just a few of the many benefits of reusable water bottles for promotional products. At Awards & More, we have an expert design team that can help you create the perfect reusable water bottle which will display your brand to its fullest and finest. We have a variety of water bottle options to ensure you give the perfect promotional product at your next trade show.

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