Sublimation Pet Gift Ideas for Our Furry Friends

 Sublimation Pet Gift Ideas

While many of us probably think of coffee mugs or t-shirts when it comes to sublimation, we have much more items that can use this process. The fun thing about sublimation is that there’s numerous products that can use this process, which includes gifts for pet. We have put together a list of popular sublimation pet gift ideas from Awards & More.

Sublimation Pet Gift Ideas

Personalized Pet Bowls

Sublimation Pet Gift Ideas - Pet BowlOne great sublimation pet gift idea is imprinting pet bowls with pictures and names. Whether it’s a collapsible H20Go Pet Bowl or a Silicone Dog Bowl, this is something not only your pet will enjoy but you will also enjoy!

In addition, if you have multiple pets, this can be a great way to personalize each and every one of their bowls with their names and photos.

Personalized Bandanas

Sublimation Pet Gift Ideas - BandanaLet your pet sport a sublimated bandana, personalized with his or her name, a special quote or even a picture! We have a many colors and styles to choose from on our online store, so you’re sure to find a bandana that matches your furry friend’s personality!

In addition, we can sublimate using your favorite team’s colors so your pet is ready for game day. Whether the weather is wet or dry, your pet will be the coolest one at the event!

Personalized Dog Leashes

Sublimation Pet Gift Ideas - LeashAnother great sublimation pet gift idea is personalized dog leashes. Show off your pet’s favorite colors with a stylish and personalized leash. Our sublimation process prints even the most intricate image in crisp detail and great color gradations!

We have a variety of color options to choose from, so your pet will be walking the streets in style. We can also put your pet’s name on the leash!

Personalized Dog Toys

Sublimation Pet Gift Ideas - Dog ToysIf your dog loves to play fetch, then a classic tennis ball or a flying disc are great sublimation pet gift ideas! We have a variety of color options to choose from and can sublimate text, logos and simple images for the perfect gift!

We sublimate these personalized dog toys with child and pet safe inks to ensure your pet stays safe while having fun chewing on his new favorite toy!

Personalized Dog Tags

Sublimation Pet Gift Ideas - Dog TagPersonalized dog tags are one of the most common and popular sublimation pet gift ideas. Not only are they stylish, but we can customize it with personal information in case your pet accidentally gets out.

We can sublimate your pet’s name and address on dog tags, or even a picture of you two together! No matter your pet goes, they will be able to be easily identified and returned right back home to you.


For more sublimation pet gift ideas, feel free to shop our online store! Contact us here at Awards & More for more information on our sublimation process or our pet products with the link below!

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