Tips to Save Money When Planning A Corporate Awards Ceremony


Many may find themselves with a small budget when planning their company’s awards ceremony. With the increased pressure to deliver in today’s business world, this presents the question of how to pull off an effective event on a limited budget.

Believe it or not, there is a way. Instead of getting frustrated and trying to adapt to a big budget event with limited resources, reverse your strategy and embrace the budget you have. There are plenty of ways to have a successful and memorable award ceremony with limited funds.


It is important to know your budget before ever starting to plan an award ceremony for your company. Find out how much money you can spend on such things as a venue, guest speakers, catering, decorations, awards, entertainment and incidentals. It can help costs in line if you set baseline limits on each of your many categories.


Many companies are looking to market themselves and get their name out in the public arena. Take advantage of this. Find a company looking to make a name for itself and exchange exposure for money.


If you are choosing to hold your corporate awards ceremony at venue other than at the office, it is important to consider the booking rates. If possible, negotiate the costs with the venue to fit into your budget for the corporate awards ceremony. Also, it is important to plan ahead for availability.

Guest Speakers

If you are paying a fee for a guest speaker, these fees can add up quickly with multiple speakers. To avoid this, try finding someone within your company who many admire to speak at no cost. Also, it is important to book your speaker well in advance to avoid higher rates and their calendars filling up.


If you are choosing to serve food at your awards ceremony, consider going buffet-style. This is much more cost-effective than opting for a sit-down mean with a planned menu and waiter service. Another way to reduce costs is to limit your drink bar to only a few drinks instead of having a full open bar, which can be quite costly.

Awards Presentation

Be creative with your awards ceremony. We know finding someone to customize your trophies and awards can be difficult. Awards and More is willing to work with your budget and give you customized awards that are sure to make your corporate awards ceremony a success. Contact us today with the link below to get started on your next corporate awards ceremony.

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  1. My son’s little league football team just finished their season, and I’m the one hosting the award ceremony next week. I need to make sure everything is prepared, but I’m not sure how to plan something like this. That being said, I really appreciate you giving me some insight on how I can go plan it, and save money while doing it. I’ll make sure I follow your tips and see how much it helps.

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