Trophies vs. Medals for Youth Sports Awards

trophies vs. medals for youth sports awards

When the Spring season is over, you’ll want to give your players a reminder of the games they have played and the good times they have had. Whether it’s soccer, football, baseball or another sport, players will love some token of appreciation that shows that their effort mattered. However, you may be having difficulty deciding between trophies vs. medals for youth sports awards. Therefore, we have put together a few benefits of each to help you determine which is right for your youth sports team.

Trophies vs. Medals for Youth Sports Awards

Both trophies and medals are great choices and provide many benefits for youth sports awards. However, each offers unique benefits when consider which option is best for your sports team.

Benefits of Trophies for Youth Sports Awards

Encourage Youth Athletes to Put Forth Their Best Effort

While doing our best is more important that being the best, youth athletes may view trophies as a incentive to put their all into each game, meet, race or practice.

You can be a top performer regardless, but trophies are definitely helpful. Recognizing your players hard work and achievements encourages them to put fort their best effort.

Promotes Good Attendance and Strong Participation

Trophy awards are an incentive to act in the team’s best interest.

Your players may be more likely to have good attendance and participate during practice with the understanding that there’s a potential light—a trophy—at the end of the tunnel.

Touch on Athletes’ Humility, Empathy and Understanding

Whether athletes win or not, distributing trophies can have positive effects on each player’s character.

Trophies help teach players to be humble, support one another and accept victory or defeat in a gracious way.

Benefits of Medals for Youth Sports Awards

Creates a Sense of Value for Athletes

Viewers like spectacle, and participants like taking something home. This is motivation and encouragement to not only attend sporting events, but also for athletes put in their best efforts.

Medals create psychological value to participating or winning. If you want to encourage your players to participate, you can use custom design medals.

Boosts Confidence in Athletes

Giving your players a medal goes a long way toward boosting confidence.

Medal awards tells athletes that though they may not have one, they gave it their all, which is still essential.

Promotes Perseverance in Athletes

If a player puts in a lot of work into practicing and then goes to a game or tournament and loses, there’s a chance that the child may feel like all of the effort they put in went to waste. This can decrease levels of motivation and finding a way to disconnect between hard work and achievement.

By framing the medal award as an acknowledgement of the process, these negative feels can be avoided.


Both trophies and medals provide unique benefits for youth sports awards. These are just a few of the many benefits of trophies vs. medals for youth sports awards. Awards & More customizes sports medals and trophies. Contact us with the link below for more information or start shopping today!

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