Yeti Mug Engravings: UPDATED New Boss Mugs!

Yeti Mugs

TherMark laser engraving is becoming increasingly popular because of its ability to heat the surface of metal so it changes the color, leaving surface marks without breaking the surface of the material. TherMark works great for Yeti mugs because they can’t be marked well with the traditional rotary engraving. Made of stainless steel, Yeti mugs are the new “it” item because they can maintain hot and cold beverages twice as long as plastic tumblers.

TherMark Technology

IMG_20150502_124811_578We use TherMark’s patented laser bonding technology which offers a unique solution for creating permanent, high contrast, high resolution marks on a wide variety of surfaces, including most metals, ceramic, glass and many plastics. These materials have been individually scientifically formulated for the best permanent chemical bonds possible.

Awards and More can personalize Yeti mugs to fit any of our customers’ needs. With TherMark technology, Yeti mugs can be engraved (or etched) with anything from your company logos to monograms.





Powder Coating

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that has become extremely popular since its IMG_20150923_191633_439introduction in North America over 40 years ago. It is used on a wide array of products. Powder coatings provide a high-quality and durable finish. Used as functional (protective) and decorative finishes, powder coatings are available in an almost limitless range of colors and textures, and technological advancements have resulted in excellent performance properties.

Powder coating can be used for Yeti mugs. Awards and More can engrave and customize powder coated Yeti mugs specifically to fit our clients’ needs. They are 100 percent customizable (exception of photographs), but when these are engraved, it pretty much removes the coating from the mug. Powder coated Yeti mugs make great giveaways for big businesses such as banks because of they can be customized uniquely to fit any of our clients’ needs with their company logos, monograms, messages, names, dates and other memoirs.

Full Color Monograms

Not perm YetiAwards and More can also do full color monograms for Yeti mugs as well. With any full color monograms used for Yeti mugs, these are not permanent. They are only temporary and WILL COME OFF in the dishwasher. These look great, but this is important to remember when you choose to have your Yeti mug customized with full color monograms.






Our Boss Mugs

boss mugs_02

Awards and More now has our own version of Yeti mugs known as “Boss Mugs”. We can do all of the above to your Boss mug as well. Our team can personalize your Boss mugs with monograms, company logos and other memoirs using TherMark technology.










Awards and More can personalize your Yeti and/or Boss mugs with monograms, company logos and other memoirs using TherMark technology. While the full color monograms and powder coatings may look great, there is not technology yet available to keep the color long-lasting. This is why we recommend using the color black for your TherMark laser engraving.


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